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Quickly deploy code

Deploy your project to our global network in seconds.

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24x7 Always Online

With our redundant network, your application remains online 24x7, with multi-location redundancy.

▷▷ Speed

Our interconnected Content Delivery Network spans the globe, allowing your users to have the fastest experience.

🌐 Freedom to Choose

Upload your site directly from your favourite Git provider, or upload your code directly.

Deploy to the Edge

Deploy your webapps automatically to ZT-E's Global Edge Network, with full repository tracking

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Web Services for the New Cloud


Global CDN, with automatic deployment and propogation. No configuration or server skills needed.

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Auto Deploy

Commit to deploy, enable auto refresh and pull from Git automatically, with a preview site.

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Flexible systems allowing for multiple region usage, with seamless intergration across different products.

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Support for the workflow

Built for Developers

Any Framework

Our platform supports many framworks and languages

Built for Visitors

ZT Aurora

Utilize the ZT Aurora network for faster speeds to your visitors, through our secure edge network.

Built for Collaboration

Intergrate with Git

Automatically deploy by pushing to your favourite Git provider.

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